App to create our company’s representative is the slogan HapSee(“Than happiness through the iPhone life!”).
It’s a co-operative where imagination, design, and engineering thrive; good people doing good work.


MonoPix – Different sensation of choices!

” Ability to control the brightness and high level of quality, MonoPix gives it a more of a genuine look to the photos…
Experience your daily activities with the MonoPix~! “


ColorPix – Different sensation of choices!

” Making my own colors!
Have your pictures and save them with different styles to show off your personality.
Developing your very own color photos, start with ColorPix~! “


All-In-One Qnote

Qnote is an easy-to-use, app that helps you remember everything.

Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Qnote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders. Human Factors user interface is available add more satisfaction.


모바일 포토 프린팅의 새로운 트렌드…

포토플라이는 멋진 포토북과 사진인화를 할 수 있는 안드로이드 및 아이폰용 앱을 제공합니다.
사랑하는 가족, 친구와의 추억을 책으로 만들어 소중한 기억을 남겨 보세요.



With Stick’it, you can create stickers and utilize them in many ways.

Create Sticker
– The innovative cutout tool will help you to make stickers with your photos.
– Simply draw a few lines, the object will magically get separated from the background.

Collect and Share Stickers
– The created stickers are stored for later use and nicely displayed.
– At any time, you can share the stickers in SNS or Messenger.

Make Collage
– The Collage tool helps you to make the fancy image with stickers, photos, and texts.
– It provides various sticker borders, photo filters, shadow and so on.